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NOTW Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

While I was shopping at Target, I stumbled upon new polishes from Sally Hansen.  There is no need to set the gel with a lamp, only a top coat is needed.  Each polish is $7.99, it's definitely worth it. They have amazing shades and the shine is unbelievable.  The polish I'm wearing now is called "Sugar Fix".



fast & easy sangria

I love making cocktails that includes fresh fruits.  I used about 3/4 a cup of mixed fruits, lemon and obviously wine!

What you'll need: -Strawberries -Blueberries -Pomegranates -raspberries -juice 1/2 lemon -6 oz of white wine  -ice cubes if wine is not refrigerated -agave to taste
Muddle the fruits and lemon.  Add white wine, ice cubes, agave and mix to combine. 


Drink this for a breakfast smoothie to boost your metabolism or a post workout smoothie! 

Crescent Bacon & Egg Breakfast Bites

I found a bunch of recipes for crescent rolls, this one caught my eye because who doesn't like bacon and egg??

- 2 large eggs
- 3 thick cut bacon
- 1 crescent roll package
- pepper to taste
- shredded cheddar cheese
- splash of milk

Preheat oven to 350.
Cook your bacon until slightly crispy, lay them on a paper towel to drain the fat. Break the bacon into bite size pieces.  Whisk your eggs, add a splash of milk, and add some pepper (you can also add some chopped chives).  Scramble your eggs over low heat and then set aside.  Unroll your crescent rolls and separate them into 8 triangles.  Add some bacon, top it with a little bit of the egg, add some cheese, and then top it with more bacon.  Roll it up to form a mini croissant.  Repeat the process and place them on an ungreased cookie sheet.  Bake them for 20 minutes.

You can also replace the bacon for sausages!  There are endless possibilities.  :)


OMG. I'm totally obsessed with this smoothie.  I ran out of greens and berries, so I had to put whatever I had left into a smoothie.  You can even add some PB or almond butter to make this a delicious dessert to curb your sweet tooth cravings. 
- 1 frozen banana  - 1 ripe pear (cut into chunks)  - 6 ice cubes - 1/2 c of nonfat Greek yogurt - splash of almond milk - 1 T flaxseed
You can also add a 1/2 - 1 scoop of vanilla whey.  For a post workout smoothie! 

Perfect Easy Oatmeal

What you'll need:
- 1/4 c of Oatmeal ( I recommend Coach's Oats from Costco)
- 3/4 c of filtered water
- 2 strawberries
- handful of blueberries
- agave
- 1 T flaxseed

Add the oatmeal and water into a microwave safe bowl and stir.  Pop it in the microwave for 4 minutes.
Meanwhile, wash and slice the strawberries.  Rinse the blueberries.
Stir your oats and if it's still watery, let it sit for one minute.  Add the flaxseed and berries.  Drizzle agave!

Pesto Pasta With Chicken

Garlic Salt
Sea Salt
1/2 box of GF Ritoni (Barilla is my choice)
1/4 onion chopped
1 C Almond Milk (unsweetened)
3 cloves of garlic chopped
2 T of EVOO
3 T of butter
1 T all purpose flour
1/4 C of parmigiana
1/2 C of basil pesto (I used Costco)
1 Chicken Breast thinly sliced
8 Button mushroom sliced
1 Crown of broccoli chopped into bite size

Season the chicken with garlic salt and fresh cracked pepper.  Add 1 tablespoon of EVOO onto a pan and cook the chicken.  When fully cooked, set aside.

Cook your pasta accordingly.  I would add some salt and EVOO into the pasta water.  Drain it and set aside.

Heat 1 tablespoon of EVOO onto a skillet over medium heat.  Add in the onion and saute it until it becomes translucent.  Add in garlic, cook for 1 minute.  Stir in the butter and let it simmer for about 5 minutes.  Whisk the milk and flour together, add pepper and salt to taste to the mixture.  Pour it on to the skillet.  Simmer it for about 5 minutes, stir it constantly.…

Healthy Eats

I have been cooking a lot these days.  I have been inspired to cook healthy and exercise often.  I got out of my comfort zone and tried new veggies, dishes, and even new HIIT and tabata workouts.
The soup in the picture only has 140 cals per cup.  I made this in a slow cooker and lemme tell you something, it's pretty damn tasty.  I'll write up the recipe in a future post.  
You can purchase a 2 lb salmon from Costco for $20.  I try to cook it and make premade meals for the week.  
On your nonstick pan heat up some EVOO.  Rinse the salmon and pat it dry with a paper towel to remove moisture. Lightly sprinkle some sea salt and lemon pepper on each side.  Cook both sides for 4-5 minutes.  And that's it! 
For the Kabocha squash: Preheat oven 400  Thoroughly wash the squash, cut it open, and remove the seeds.  Cut it into 1/2 in slices and arrange them on to a pan.  Drizzle vegetable oil and sprinkle salt and pepper. 20 minutes in the oven and it's done.  
I eat avocados a…

January Favorites 2014

Maybelline Color Show in Blue Bombshell-  This polish, of course, reminds me of the Dodgers, but a little more feminine.  What I love about Maybelline nail polishes is that they're super cheap and you are able to snag a $1 off coupon in the Sunday Times.

Nature Republic Simple Making Gel Eyeliner- My mom purchased this in Korea and I freaking LOVE it.  It's water and smudge proof.  It glides on easily and the staying power is simply amazing.

Blendercleanser- If you own a beauty blender, this a must have to clean your dirty little sponge.  But what else can you clean? YOUR BRUSHES!!! It's travel friendly and convenient.

Benefit they're real mascara- I received a sample from Sephora and will be purchasing this as soon as I'm done.  Your lashes will be clump-free and elongated.  The wand is specifically used for your inner and lower lashes.

Wet n Wild idol eyes in 134 Distress-  This creamy eye shadow base is highly pigmented and easy to blend.  I have about 5 diff…


Real Techniques Buffing Brush- The buffing brush is included in the Core Collection. It's so soft and blends in foundation effortlessly.  Your foundation will never look caked on, the best part is that you don't even need much foundation. 

MAC 217-  the coveted 217.  This brush is the holy grail.  You probably need 3 of these in your collection.  

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle- I use this as a highlighter on my cheekbones and sometimes on my browbone.  Lightly dust this on your cheekbones and see them higher and prominent. 

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in Light-  I always apply a small amount of primer and it will make your foundation last even longer. 

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Miami Strip/Healthy Glow Bronzer-  I actually got this product for 75% off at CVS and I have been loving this so much.  I love a product that is versatile.  There are 5 different shimmery colors that you can swirl together or use separately.

MAC Blush in Dollymix-  the shade is so…