Quick Update Exercise Routine

Hello, I've been MIA, again.  I'm going to try my hardest to be consistent with blogging. 

Our family got a new puppy named Teddy.  My mom calls her Gongju... which means princess in Korean.  We got the idea from a Korean Drama that we were obsessed with.  I never watch dramas, I just think it's a waste of time and tears.  Whenever I would go into my mom's room to ask her a question, this show would always be on.  I got so drawn to this drama that I actually asked my friend to give me some websites that upload K dramas.  Anyways, I highly recommend this drama, it's called "Here Comes Oh Jaryong!"  Jaryong ssi is that "perfect guy" protagonist that every drama has.

ANYWAYS.  This post is about my exercise routine for this week.  I try to change it up every week so that my muscles and I won't get bored of the workout.  The reason why I talked about my new dog is because I try to walk her everyday and that is included in my daily cardio.

- 2 miles walk/jog/run with doggy
- 36 squats with 15 lb db
- 36 deadlifts with 15 lb db
- 36 bench dips
- 30 bicycle crunches
- 20 sit ups
- 30 jump squats
- 36 hip bridges
- 36 tricep extensions 5 lb db
- 20 jumping jacks
- 30 sumo deep squats, body weight

Since YL is always hotter than any other cities... This is how I felt for a month. 

Here is a pic to motivate some of you!!! I got it from Pinterest. 

I'm going to do this for 30 days but tweak it a bit.  Today was day 1 for me, I had a lot of energy so I added more reps and/or weights.


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