Examples of My Weekday Meals

Breakfast: Hot water with lemon.
Venti Iced Coffee. Black, no sugar or milk.
Oatmeal or egg muffin (150 cals)

Lunch: 6" Subway Club on wheat with avocado and all the veggies except banana peppers. No dressing.
Chicken/Salmon wrap with a couple of pickles.
Recipe below :)

Snack time: sweet potato or banana or any type of fruit.
2 cups of Roobios tea (so good and it's decaf so it's OK to drink at bedtime as well)

Dinner: Broiled Salmon, quinoa, and veggies.

2 hours after dinner, if thirsty: I like to enjoy a frothy Corona Light with lime or a glass of wine.  I used to drink Jameson neat, but I just drink that on the weekends now.
If I'm a good girl: chamomile tea

I usually stick with these meals unless I'm grabbing dinner with my brother.  Then I try to stick with the healthier options.

Chik Wrap recipe (220 calories):
1 Morningstar chik patty
1 la tortilla factory wheat tortilla
2 handfuls of spinach spring mix
1 Roma tomato
2 T of Daiya mozzarella shreds

Nuke the chik patty for 1 min
Place all the ingredients on to the tortilla. Voila.
Probably the best tasting wrap, ever.

Salmon Wrap recipe:
4oz Salmon
1 wheat/spinach tortilla
Lemon slice
Red onions
Romaine Lettuce
0% Greek yogurt 

Bake salmon and squeeze lemon on to the salmon.  
Spread about a T of the yogurt on to the tortilla.  Assemble the wrap with the rest of the ingredients. 


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