Review and Tutorial on Kiss Gradation Polishes

So, I purchased this at Walmart, for I believe, $6.  I was pretty excited to give this a go.  I tested it on my mom, and she instantly fell in love with it.  She was content with step 1, because of the pretty shimmery pearl  color.  She said, "What else do you want to add, it's pretty already?!"
That's the result! She was super excited and kept staring at her nails.

The kit includes 3 polishes:

Step 1: Apply 2 coats of nail polish #1.
Step 2: Apply nail polish #2 on to 1/3 of the nail, starting at the end. 
Step 3: Immediately apply nail polish #3 before nail polish #2 dries.  Start applying the polish in the middle of the nail to the tips, to have the gradient look.
 (with flash)

TIP: Apply another coat of nail polish #3 to make it look even more vibrant! Also, add a top coat to keep it looking glossy and chip free as long as possible.

This kit is very easy & affordable, and I would recommend this to anyone! 

Update!! I used the Pink set and I like it way better than the black!


  1. im trying the pink one right now, i'm excited lol

    1. I hope it came out pretty!! Pink is def. better. :) xx

  2. Haven't tried either of those, but the gold set is gorgeous! Very classy.


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