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So Epic

Oh my Goodness. Oh my DAYUM.  They going HAM.

This song is stuck in my head, DAYUM.


EVERYONE needs to STOP HATING/BULLYING.  Find peace within yourself, GEEZ.

One of my favorite channels on YouTube is TheFineBros, I saw a new webisode and it's usually something funny, but this was so depressing, and I felt so bad for this girl.

For an ADULT to send nude pictures of a minor to everyone is baffling.   GO FUCK YOURSELF. You fucking loser.

One month after she posted this video, she commited suicide. 

For the people that still leave nasty comments, something is definitely wrong with you. You need to find God.  I see 30-40 year olds leaving terrible comments.  Why?

I hope they find the pedophile, and he gets sent to prison for life.

RIP Amanda Todd

“When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sandpaper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless.”
Chris Colfer

If anyone is getting bullied, please find help.…

Fall Lips

Steps on how to rock Fall Lips! 1. Always apply lip balm, or my ultimate favorite, CARMEX! 2. Lightly apply concealer or foundation on to the lips using a foundation brush.  This will act as a primer for lipstick. 3. Line the lips with a lip liner.  I just bought a Milani lip liner in Sugar Plum. 4. Layer your lipstick until you find the perfect shade.  I like to make my lips look opaque.  In this picture I'm using Wet n Wild in Black Orchid. 5. Using a small brush, apply concealer to clean up the lips and to perfect the shape.  For a bold lip, keep your eye makeup very simple & minimal.  A thin cat eye with 2 coats of mascara will be perfect! 


I read an article on SELF, and found out that I've been working the elliptical wrong!  Well, not wrong, but the opposite of what I'm trying to tone.  When you press with your toes, it works the quads and front of the thighs.  Pressing with your heels works out the GLUTES & hamstrings.  Going in reverse + an incline will work your glutes and hamstrings.  I also like to set my resistance on 5.  ALSO, keep in mind your strides per minute (140-160 is the target). If possible, use an elliptical that have the handles.  It works your whole body, and burns more calories.  If you want to work out your core, don't use the handles.
An Elliptical Trainer Workout for GLUTES:


Nails of the Week.  Sonia Kashuk in Rock Star.  I added some glitter, but I actually like them without it.  -_- Sonia Kashuk has so many pretty colors, I have about 9 of them.

Today's Juice

My Morning Juice
* 5 stalks of Kale
* 1 slice of lemon
* 1 guava
* 3 stalks of celery
* 1 golden delicious apple
* 1 nub of ginger
* 3 med size carrots
* 1/2 handful of wheatgrass

Brother's Juice
* 1 beet
* 2 carrots
* handful of spinach
* 1 slice of lemon
* Fuji Apple
* 1 Guava

I made him try his first juice and he absolutely enjoyed it! I got him hooked.  I incorporated more fruits, so it's easier for him to adapt to. 

Today's Juice

1 beet washed and skinned
1/8 Apple
1/2 lemon pitted
3 stalks of Celery washed

This was sweet and refreshing!




My mom had a juicer for over 2 years, and I think she only used it once.  I've seen so many juicing recipes online, so I decided to give it a try.  I always get Mother's Market juices, but they're so expensive! 

I'm excited to try out many more recipes!!

Here's the recipe for today's juice:
* 1 Beet peeled
* 1 Large Fuji Apple cored
* 3 Carrots peeled
* 1/2 bunch of Kale washed thoroughly

SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some more favorites! woo woo

One Direction.  How do you NOT like them??? C'MON.  Their new single is out "One Thing".
Check it out if you haven't! Zayn is my favorite.

Jenna Marbles on YouTube.   She def. grew on me.  I didn't really like her baby talk with the dogs but whatever I got over it.  This episode I can relate too...  I, Jennifer Lee, am a goo hoarder.

Naked Skin from UD.  OMG.  I stopped by Sephora today to get my VIB 20% off. Holy shit yo.  It has coverage but it's so light on your skin.  Nothing is caked on, it's just like bare minerals but with 100% coverage.  I recommend this product.

Trader Joe's premade salads.  I'm fucking obsessed.  They're cheap, filling and amazing (maurico's voice).  The one's you should avoid : vermicelli.
My favorites: cobb salad, argula and chicken, quinoa salad, Caesar salad, there's more but I fo…

October 2012 Favorites

Carmex Lip Balm!
I never gave this brand a try, I picked it up at Target today, and instantly fell in love with this product.  I have really, really, really chapped lips, especially during fall & winter.  I always used EOS, Nivea, Burts Bees, Exfoliatores, nothing really worked.  Carmex stays on the lips and keeps them soft and hydrated.  It's time to throw away the other lip balms. 

 NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

I saw many reviews on YouTube about these Pencils.  I have the Colors Cottage Cheese and French Fries.  I use Cottage Cheese on my tear ducts and to brighten my eyes and I also use it on my brow bone for highlight.  As for French Fries, I use it all over the lid as a base and then I can apply a matte light brown on my crease.  It's super blendable and versatile!  These are so cheap that I…