Some more favorites! woo woo

One Direction.  How do you NOT like them??? C'MON.  Their new single is out "One Thing".
Check it out if you haven't! Zayn is my favorite.

Jenna Marbles on YouTube.   She def. grew on me.  I didn't really like her baby talk with the dogs but whatever I got over it.  This episode I can relate too...  I, Jennifer Lee, am a goo hoarder.

Naked Skin from UD.  OMG.  I stopped by Sephora today to get my VIB 20% off. Holy shit yo.  It has coverage but it's so light on your skin.  Nothing is caked on, it's just like bare minerals but with 100% coverage.  I recommend this product.

Trader Joe's premade salads.  I'm fucking obsessed.  They're cheap, filling and amazing (maurico's voice).  The one's you should avoid : vermicelli.
My favorites: cobb salad, argula and chicken, quinoa salad, Caesar salad, there's more but I forgot. lol
*I'll update it*

If you know me, you'll know that I have so many nail polishes.  I never buy the same one twice... until I found my PERFECT RED. 
Sephora by OPI.  It's called High Maintenance.  It makes your hands and nails look so glamorous.  It's seriously my GO TO RED.  I should probably stock up on these since they're 20% off!Ya buddy! Once you top it off with a top coat, you wont stop staring at your nails.  They're fucking fantabulous!


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