Incline 15 Resistance 5 Strides per minute 146
 I read an article on SELF, and found out that I've been working the elliptical wrong!  Well, not wrong, but the opposite of what I'm trying to tone. 
When you press with your toes, it works the quads and front of the thighs.  Pressing with your heels works out the GLUTES & hamstrings. 
Going in reverse + an incline will work your glutes and hamstrings.  I also like to set my resistance on 5. 
ALSO, keep in mind your strides per minute (140-160 is the target).
If possible, use an elliptical that have the handles.  It works your whole body, and burns more calories.  If you want to work out your core, don't use the handles.

An Elliptical Trainer Workout for GLUTES:

SELF workout



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