September favorites

I'm going to blog about my favorites for EVERY month!

1. Breaking Bad.  I cannot believe how long it took me to start watching this show.  Seriously, if you haven't watched it yet... YOU ARE MISSING OUT.  Walter is fucking BAD ASS.

2. Loreal Extra-Volume Collagen in Extreme Black.  OMG.  No joke.  One coat is all you need.  Two coats for date night.  I don't even need to put on falsies.  This mascara is my FAVORITE.  I've tried every single mascara out there.  It thickens and lengthens your lashes.  You won't regret buying this.  Buy this at Target, cheaper than other retailers. 

3. 2 Chainz.  His voice is gangster.  Just the way I like my rappers (but no one will beat 2pac).  If you like Rick Ross, then you will like him!  So many songs on his new album (B.O.A.T.S.) are eargasms.  He's on so many tracks right now with different artists. 

4.  Reverse Lunges.  If you're traditional like me... forward lunges are a piece of cake.  Side lunges are extremely hard.  DO TRY reverse lunges.  They are actually super easy and will tighten your thighs & glutes in no time.  I do about 36 reps for each leg after my run, along with my usual squats, forward lunges, pile squats with a 30 lb dumbbells, and 30 jumping jacks. 

5.  Lady Gaga's perfume named Fame.  It's dark, mysterious and sensual.  The scent makes you feel sexy.  The perfume is black which is freaking awesome...! I dare you to try it, I bet you will buy it! :)

6.  MAC's Cremesheen Gloss in Floating Lotus.  If you're in love with Snob as much as me, then this is the best pair for it!  It smells like frosting and makes your lips look supple and luscious. 

7. Palladio's rice paper.  These are oil blotting tissues with rice powder that acts as a mattifier.  I usually don't have foundation or powder on my face on weekdays, so I'll blot my face with these and it'll act as powdery finish. 


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