Pasta that's good for you and that actually tastes good.

Ronzoni (SMART TASTE) is the first white pasta to be enriched with Fiber, Calcium and Vitamin D. It contains an excellent source of Fiber and Calcium and Vitamin D equal to an eight-ounce glass of milk. It is lower in calories and fat than traditional pasta.

I found my new favorite brand of pasta. I don't really care if it's white pasta because I cannot stand the taste of wheat pasta. It's just torture for me to eat.

I made spaghetti a couple of days ago using ronzoni pasta, healthy marinara sauce and meatless meatballs. It was soo good & healthy! Of course I only had a small bowlful but a huge serving of mixed green salad. My mom thoroughly enjoyed it too. I don't remember what brand was the meatballs, but I'll find out. :)


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