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My best friend's bachelorette party is next month, so, here I am again... #beastmodeON. I had a couple of set backs, but I will try my best to eat right and run 6 times a week! Starting today, no more alcohol, pasta, bread :(, sugary drinks, diet soda, deep fried foods, etc...

We'll see how long that will last. Lol

Mason (Masey) Disick

Mason is by far the cutest baby ever!! Not only is he cute, but he's super sweet and smart. The biggest reason why I like to #KUWTK is to watch Mason. :) It's fun to watch him grow through each season.

The most recent episode is when Kim K wore these crazy wigs, and Mason tripped out when he saw her wear a bright red wig. He is so adorable!!!

It'll be hard to see if any baby can top Mason, until the birth of my own baby (of course). ^_^

Thoughts on insomnia

It's almost midnight and I can't sleep! I'm usually asleep by 9pm on weekdays.

What are some ways to help put you to bed? I've tried camomile and lavender tea. Melatonin pills. Both of those don't do the trick for me.

What really worked was wine, but I end up waking up during the middle of the night.

Benadryl does the trick but then I wake up super groggy and moody.

Not being able to sleep is some form of torture, such as tickling.

Actually, writing this blog is making me sleepy... But once I set the phone down, I'll be wide awake.

I want to know what puts you to bed, other than Ambien?

Marijuana sounds intriguing. Ok, I'm being desperate now.


What's more precious than this? Nothing.

Songs that touch my heart

If you're sad or need something that will lift your spirits, please, listen to some of these songs.  They will change your life. Promise. 

If it doesn't work for you, then go out and run it out.

God is good.

Mother's Day Present

My mom has been wearing her running shoes for over 2 years! It's time for her to get rid of her old ass shoes. I went to Lady Foot Locker and tried on a bunch of shoes from Nike to New Balance to Asics.  Since my mom and I love to go on trails, I decided to get her sturdy yet comfortable shoes.  I chose Asics Gel-Nerve33. 
They run a tad bit small, so I got a 1/2 size bigger. I hope she likes them!! I'm sure she's not going to wear them until her other ones are no longer good to use.  So my evil plan is to throw them away on Sunday. 

So as I was browsing at the shoe store, I noticed SOOO many cute Nikes!!! I really want the new Free 3.  It's a Tiffany blue, which I adore! I would wear these at the gym or running on pavement.  These would get super dirty on the trails and it wouldn't give me much support.

I also want to get her a gift certificate from Eyebrow Bar that recently opened up in Brea.  I haven't been there yet but I've seen many amazing reviews…


I just wanted to share my dinner with you guys!
I had a huge portion of mixed greens with a light sesame oil and ginger dressing.  Mom made purple rice (my fav) and dwen jang jji geh.  I'm also obsessed with tofu!! I used coconut oil spray to saute the tofu. 

What you should do before & after your run (during a hot, sunny day)

Before your run:
Drink your energy drink, it'll start to kick in within 15-30 minutes.Put on breathable clothes and don't forget to wear a hat! Apply sunblock and chapstick that contains SPF. Stretch out your muscles.(optional) wear a slimming belt if you need to lose excess weight.  It's also helps with your posture. Take a couple sips of water After your run:
Cool down by stretching.  Drink 100% natural coconut water (my fave brands: ZICO, O.N.E.) Do whatever exercises you need to do.        Here is an at home workout that I love.


1 minute of jumping jacks
1 minute of high knees
30 secs of burpees
1 minute of jumping jacks
1 minute of high knees
30 secs of burpees

1 minute of back lunges
1 minute of squat with DB overhead shoulder press
1 minute of back lunges
1 minute of squat with DB overhead shoulder press

10 push ups
10 chair/bench dips
10 bent over DB row
REPEAT for 3 minutes

30 secs split lunge jump
1 min…