Wow, I still can't commit to a freaking blog!

OK, so I'm back in action!! There's a lot to cover, so I will not spill the beans too quickly.  We will take it day by day, step by step, bite by bite... bare with me! :)

Baseball season has begun and the Dodgers are doing so so well (9-1)! I'm so proud of the boys in blue.  I'm also very ecstatic about MAGIC JOHNSON!!! Speaking of the Dodgers, the game starts in 10 minutes against the Brewers. 

As for diet and exercising, I have been running outdoors.  It's very liberating and it makes you feel so good afterwards (esp. with all the Vitamin D).  I don't gym as much as before because I like to take it outdoors!  I stopped lifting heavy weights, instead I have 5 and 15 pounders at home to do some triceps, legs and glutes exercises.  I try to limit my carbohydrate consumption, and load up on protein and fiber.  My stamina has increased and I'm able to run/jog without taking many breaks.  One of my favorite apps is called Mapmyrun.  It shows you everything you need to know about your daily run: calories burned, mph, routes, and your pace.  There's an option that shows how many steps you take, but I haven't been able to enable it for some reason. 

One thing I really need to work on is my alcohol consumption on the weekends.  #fughettaboutit


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