Puffy eyes and face be gone!

So, I probably shop at Target almost every week.  Drug store makeup is pretty legit now, such as the super cheap brand like E.L.F. I'll definitely post an E.L.F. blog, fa sho!

So I bought a bunch of face masks!

The Freeman brand is pretty nice, super thick consistency, so I pile it on.  You leave it on for about 5-10 minutes.  Once you start rubbing it in, you'll feel a tingly sensation and it will start to burn a bit.  Rinse with warm water and pat dry.  Once you removed the mask, your whole face will feel super fresh and cool.  I tried the Goji Berry because the active ingredients keep your face hydrated.  Since I run outdoors, my face and lips tends to be dry.  I still have 2 other brands to try out so I'll give you the results later. 
This is a new Brand called Simple, they use natural and few ingredients for sensitive skin! My eyes have been super puffy these days, so I decided to switch up my eye cream.  I applied this about 30 minutes ago and it seems to be working.  Hopefully my eyes will be back to normal! Maybe one of the factors is because of allergy season.


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