My own special recipe of an Acai Bowl

I have researched many recipes online, and I have substituted the ingredients for a healthier alternative.  Please enjoy! Let me know what you think!

What you need:
2 (100g) packages of raw acai
1 and 1/2 banana
1 cup of mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries)
2 Tablespoons nonfat Greek yogurt
2 splashes of coconut milk
Nature's Path vanilla almond granola (flaxseed is included)
Flaxseed (if you're using a different brand of granola)
Agave nectar (optional)

Thaw the packages for 15 minutes before use.  Slice the 1/2 banana into pieces and leave on the side. Blend the remaining ingredients except for the granola.   Serve in a big bowl and top with granola, agave nectar and the slices of bananas. 

This is high caloric but with GOOD CALORIES.  It's great for a snack between lunch and dinner, because you will feel full and not eat as much for dinner.  Acai bowls are awesome for breakfast too!
It will be a staple in my diet from now on.


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