Back on the grind

Here's a picture taken today:

How cool! My iPhone case matches my sports bra. :)
So, I've been eating really unhealthy on the weekends.  I need to be more careful on the choices I make! I'm going to try to eat as clean as possible.  I really need to get back to how I looked like when I visited Maui.  Hopefully, I'll get back into shape by late June.  #BMDC

Look at how tan my legs are compared to my abs!!! I have a runners tan: pale ass torso and feet.  I can't wait to tan at my BFF's house this summer!

Bilateral Tricep Kickback

This workout is a must! I do these about 3 times a week.  I really need to get my arms back into shape.  Tank top season is just around the corner.   I don't want to bulk up my arms, so I use 5 lb. dumbbells and do this routine until I'm sore. 
Here is my playlist for cardio:
Beez in the trap- Nicki Minaj
I'm good- YG
Don't drop that thun thun thun- Finatticz
Danza Kuduro- Dom Omar feat. Lucenzo
Mercy- Kanye West
Glad you came- The Wanted
Function- E40
Lil' homies- Tupac

I'll try to update my playlist as often as possible. Enjoy my favorite ear candies!



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