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Skin care I always will rave about.

Toner: Ole Henriksen -pick me up face tonic-
I have been using this toner for 3 years now and it eradicates oil and makes my skin feel so refreshed!

Moisturizer: DDF -ultra lite oil free moisturizing dew-
This light weight formula is actually VERY moisturizing.  I use this in the summer time. But during the harsh winds of winter I opt to another moisturizer from DDF -Daily protective moisturizer-.

Anti wrinkle cream for neck: LOREAL -revitalift face & neck-
I tend to sleep on my sides rather than sleeping on my back.  This leads to wrinkles on your neck!!  >_< This product works.  It's beneficial to use this product everyday for immediate results.  I have been using this for a month now and all the lines are fading.  They are barely visible now. This is a MUST!

Tanning lotion: Jergens-natural glow-
When you want healthy sun kissed skin all year round this is the product for you.  Apply everyday as your daily lotion and wait a couple of minutes before dressing. 

Eye make up …


So, I'm thinking of all the best tips that I abide by (most of the time).... while I'm eating a whole bunch of fruity mentos! -_- Fitness: 1. Take your multivitamin, Vitamin D, Omega 3, CLA, Vitamin B12 2. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. 3. Drink plenty of ice cold water. 4. Drink Green/Black tea to boost metabolism. 5. Eat every 3 hours; small increments! 6.Eat lean meat: skinless chicken breast, tilapia, salmon. 7. Include as many veggies with every big meal. 8. Make post workout smoothies with whey/soy protein. 9.  Use herbs or citrus to flavor your protein instead of salt. 10. Use cooking spray instead of butter! 11. Whole grains and fiber is the best way to heave off hunger. 12. When you feel hungry; opt to drinking water.  Dehydration will make you feel hungry. Or chew gum!! 13. Change up your fitness routine. When it comes to cardio try using 3 different machines for 20 mins each.  (i.e. stairmaster, treadmill, and elliptical)
 14. Strength training is a must! and it's not ma…

Yelp Elite 2011

So, after a year of yelping.... I FINALLY GOT MY ELITE BADGE + I got ROTD (review of the day;my 2nd one)!  This gives me an incentive to try out new places!

I'm starting this blog because I want to document new finds, fashion, and just write nonsense. :)  Some of my interests are sports, make up, food, fashion and staying fit.  So, here goes:
SPORTS: CONGRATS TO THE GREEN BAY PACKERS! Although, I love the Steelers, Rodgers was def. MVP this season (in my eyes). So, football season ends... but I can't wait for baseball (DODGERS) and nba finals (PURP AND YELLOW)!! :)
 FITNESS: I frequent 24 hour fitness for both cardio and strength training.  I also signed up for a free virtual trainer on  It shows you different routines; toning of the arms or legs, which ever you need some assistance on.  I yoyo diet so much it's so frustrating! It's really hard when you LOVE food, you can't

resist! I lived in LA for 2 years and I really regret not going on many food adv…