Sally Hansen Nails

I finally decided to give these bad boys a try and I love the results!
I bought these at Walmart for about $8.50.  There are so many different styles and colors i.e. Leopard, glitter, neon colors, butterflies, etc. I applied these last Friday and it's been 3 days and there's barely any chipping! It's just that the process takes forever. 
  •  Push back cuticles.
  • File and Shape your nails
  • Wipe off your nails with acetone
  • For each sticker I held each one in between in my thumb and index finger to warm them up
  • Find the right size and carefully press down in the center then stretch it out and file it down with the included nail file
It took roughly 30 minutes to complete but it was WORTH every minute.  I'm excited to snag some more different styles! These are perfect for the night out or VEGAS!  My BF loves them. :)


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