Yesterday, my bf and I went to Cha Cha's in Brea for dinner.  This was probably my 5th visit and the most recent visit wasn't a good one.  They gave us a lot of problems when we tried to use this GC (gift card) I received in the mail.  The fine print was not clear but in the end our server let us use the GC.  Last night, we ordered off of the Happy Hour menu- $24 bottle of Sangria, Shrimp Ceviche, Chicken Flautas, and 2 tacos for $10.  The bottle of Sangria is a MUST, the cups are filled with ice and different varieties of chopped up fruits and then the Sangria is then brought in a wine bottle.   Our server was really sweet, he even brought out a bottle chiller and checked up on us countless times.  While I was eating the ceviche, my bf pointed at the TV and said "Osama died!"  What a total shock but definitely a relief.  BUT! We should not put our guard down! This will probably last forever......................... and ever.
Tonights Laker and Dodger game will be heavily secured tonight.

DODGERS!!! BEAT THE CUBS! Yesterdays game against the padres was SAD.

Ok back to the ceviche, Bf and I ate almost all of it until I noticed that the shrimp was not CLEAN!! UGH. That was a turn off!  I probably would have noticed it a lot sooner if the damn place wasn't so dimly lit.

Last Saturday, I went to Nucleus in Alhambra to watch my Bestie, Jumi's dance performance.  There was a lingerie fashion show and many dance routines on the pole and chairs.  Jumi is in a dance group called Street tease.  The place itself is very trendy and chic, it is an art gallery.  After the show, we headed to my BF's friend's Club which they're promoting at called Spot5750 in Hollywood.
It was quite dead, but I see it's potential.  The place is HUGE.  No one was on the dance floor.... except for 2 girls.  After an hour I looked at the dance floor and they were still dancing! No one bothered going up to them, sad.


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