Skin care I always will rave about.

I have been using this toner for 3 years now and it eradicates oil and makes my skin feel so refreshed!

This light weight formula is actually VERY moisturizing.  I use this in the summer time. But during the harsh winds of winter I opt to another moisturizer from DDF -Daily protective moisturizer-.

Anti wrinkle cream for neck: LOREAL -revitalift face & neck-

I tend to sleep on my sides rather than sleeping on my back.  This leads to wrinkles on your neck!!  >_< This product works.  It's beneficial to use this product everyday for immediate results.  I have been using this for a month now and all the lines are fading.  They are barely visible now. This is a MUST!

Tanning lotion: Jergens-natural glow-

When you want healthy sun kissed skin all year round this is the product for you.  Apply everyday as your daily lotion and wait a couple of minutes before dressing. 

Gentle yet potent enough to take off the stubborn waterproof mascara.  This is easy on the eyes, but remember to wash off with warm water and add some eye cream on at night.

If you're acne prone; this will eliminate sebum and it will clear your complexion! Forget proactive; this totally worked for me.  I'm in my mid 20's and I had a crazy acne problem when I was 22-24.  Now I'm almost acne free! It was so bad that I have gone to see a dermatologist. He prescribed me some meds but it didn't work. This is what helped me, drastically!


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