So, I'm thinking of all the best tips that I abide by (most of the time).... while I'm eating a whole bunch of fruity mentos! -_-
1. Take your multivitamin, Vitamin D, Omega 3, CLA, Vitamin B12
2. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
3. Drink plenty of ice cold water.
4. Drink Green/Black tea to boost metabolism.
5. Eat every 3 hours; small increments!
6.Eat lean meat: skinless chicken breast, tilapia, salmon.
7. Include as many veggies with every big meal.
8. Make post workout smoothies with whey/soy protein.
9.  Use herbs or citrus to flavor your protein instead of salt.
10. Use cooking spray instead of butter!
11. Whole grains and fiber is the best way to heave off hunger.
12. When you feel hungry; opt to drinking water.  Dehydration will make you feel hungry. Or chew gum!!
13. Change up your fitness routine. When it comes to cardio try using 3 different machines for 20 mins each.  (i.e. stairmaster, treadmill, and elliptical)
 14. Strength training is a must! and it's not manly, it's pretty hot when you know what you're doing.
15. Weekends can be cheat days but don't over do it, like me.  Just work harder during the weekdays.
16.  Drink Champagne or White Vino for a buzz, less calories yet more fun!


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